Listen, if you know me, you know I have random taste in music… some say I have terrible taste in music, but to them I say I love what I love and so I’m going to unironically strut down the street dancing to french Celine Dion, One Direction , or Country Music if I damn […]

My Freebie Five (Clockwise): Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Shemar Moore, and Prince Harry.

For years, my favourite gossip blogger has written about the Freebie Five – a concept that started on Friends, it’s the list of unattainables (celebrities, athletes, and personalities) that you can sleep with even though you’re in a relationship, without any ramifications from your significant other. Maintaining a final Freebie Five list  is more challenging […]

Last night Boyfriend and I were watching Fast Five when Twitter started to explode with the maybe hoax/maybe truth of the sad news that Paul Walker had died in a car accident. It’s one of those things that we’ll talk about anytime Paul Walker’s name comes up moving forward. It was an eerie and sad […]

For the better part of my life I thought if you wore sweatpants it was because you’d given up on life.  I also thought if you wore sweatpants out in public, you wanted people to know you’d given up on life and it was a cry for help. I’m not saying it was right, but it’s […]

I can totally build things. I own a saw, a drill, like 200 drill bits, various sizes of screws and plugs.  I have a level, a measuring tape, a studfinder, a hammer, and all kinds of nails and other handy basic tools every woman in her twenties should not only have but also be capable […]

Thank god I didn’t start a food blog.  I gotta tell you, I would be the WORST food blogger! Not because I don’t love eating food, not because I don’t love trying a new restaurant in Toronto, and not because I don’t like to cook. I love doing all of those thinks, and I’m actually […]

Time for another Date Night! It had been busy lately and since our last date night was before Thanksgiving, we were long overdue.  So we packed a snack and headed north of the 401 (that’s far, yo!) for a trip down Memory Lane to where Boyfriend and I went on our second date: Dave & […]